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Summary of Real°Pac's Core Features

  • One-time data entry in wizard-like Package Editor module, with automatic, synchronized data entry into our RESPAC® Spreadsheet.
  • Workflow organized into management phases for both data entry and printing.
  • Multi-state capabilities makes it easy to process closings for any state.
  • Built-in multiple language capability for translated Real°Pac screens.
  • Business rules implemented for states, jurisdictions, lenders and clients. As rules change, the software easily changes or adapts and never becomes obsolete.
  • Auto-calculations with the ability to over-ride any calculations.
  • Supports multi-million dollar transactions.
  • Repetitive text storage and retrieval.
  • "Tag" component for flagging incomplete screens where you are waiting to receive pertinent information.
  • Spell-checker for large blocks of text, e.g. legal description, easements, exceptions, and others.
  • Memorize and update your databases as you enter file information.
  • Various levels of security rights depending upon the type of user.
  • Generate and print Amortization Schedules for each of your closings.
  • Generate and print your firm's pre-closing and post-closings letters to the parties involved in the closing.
  • Pre-formatted, translated Spanish documents available, including HUD-1 and HUD1-A Settlement Statements, mortgages, notes and more.
  • Conflict of interest checking
  • Generate and print HUD-1 and HUD-1A Settlement Statements, with the ability to keep an audit trail log of the previously printed documents.
  • Store "templates" of your transaction files for future "cloning" so that your do not have to remember the file and documents that were used for a previous file.
  • Produce pre-formatted and ad-hoc lists of real estate transactions, on-demand and/or for a particular time-frame.
  • Post management reports on your firm's extranet in order to view and access the reports from outside your office.
  • Store your firm's documents in their entirety, or as clauses and have the system assemble the documents at print.
  • For commercial transactions, select document clauses pertaining to the mortgage/security agreement; collateral agreement, guarantee either from the drop-down list in the
    Real°Pac system, or from a template list at print time.
  • Prepare title insurance policies with the residential or commercial endorsements.
  • Supports all title insurance companies.
  • Send out requests for titles to your examiners and track the receipt of the orders as they are returned to your office.
  • E-mail the loan documents to the borrowers' attorney utilizing the built-in e-mail module, whereby template e-mails are stored, as well as the parties' e-mail addresses.
  • Turn your closing documents into PDFs easily and quickly.
  • If there is a change to a borrower's name, simply make the change in Real°Pac and reprint the documents with the correct spelling of the name.
  • Track your discharges and releases easily with the built-in Discharge Tracker module.
  • Generate and print checks for your closings with the ability to "bundle" fees and expenses per your requirements.
  • Generate and print file disbursement reports with detail or in summary format.
  • Post receipts and disbursements to the bookkeeping module for easy file, register and bank statement reconciliation.
  • Take your closings on the road and easily sychronize the data with your office data when you return.
  • Automatically schedule closings and calendar events with the easy to use, networkable contact manager and scheduler module
  • Produce 1099 reports and forms, in batch and/or on demand with the 1099 reporting module. Also, easily file electronically with the I.R.S. if you meet the volume requirements.
  • Scan your signed closing documents and save them with Total°Filer, our integrated scanning system for easy management and retrieval.
  • IOLTA compliance with 3-way reconciliation reporting with escrow accounging and bank statement reconciliation.
  • Built with production and high volume in mind - easily handles hundreds - even thousands - of transactions per week with multiple users and for any State(s).
  • Easily customizable and adaptable to meet your requirements.
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