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Real°Pac™ FAQs

Pertinent information about the system

Q. Why do I need the system?

A. You need Real°Pac Office to cut down on the cost of processing mortgage closing transactions. The system saves you money and time because it allows for quick entry and revision of information as it becomes available and quick printing of checks and documents. You also need to manage your data and documents, so with Real°Pac Office you may generate and print virtually any type of report(s) you need, easily.

Q. How long will it take to do a closing with Real°Pac?

A. Ten to twenty minutes depending upon your skill set and the complexity of the closing.

Q. What will the system cost me?

A. The price structure of Real°Pac Office is based on your configuration, including the number of users, the type of license and the amount of customization you require. On average, the system will pay for itself, after a few transactions.

Q. How does the system benefit me?

A.The Real°Pac Office system benefits you by automating and managing your day-to-day work. At any moment you may access a file and see how far you progressed with it. Bookmark or tag information screens where you are waiting for information to arrive. See at a glance the status of your discharges, your schedule and of your checking accounts. This is only the tip of the iceberg. The most important benefit is that the system gives you peace of mind, knowing that your data and data and documents are safe, organized and well-managed. And, that at any moment, you could revise information, generate any and/or all documents you need with up-to-date information.

Q. What market does the system target?

A. The market that the Real°Pac Office product targets is the real estate closing community, including the originator, mortgage broker, real estate broker, conveyancer, title company, law firm, lending institution and title insurance company - all parties that need to process documents, perform calculations, have easy access to data and documents, manage data, write checks, could benefit.

Q. What is the compeition?

A. There are a number of mortgage loan processing and real estate conveyancing systems on the market. Some of these have been developed by title insurance companies and distributed to law firms and title companies. Often times, these systems are not state-of-the art, nor comprehensive. They are difficult to customize and add/revise documents. Our competitors, frankly, are not as skilled or talented as we are and often times the customer ends up waiting months and months for fixes and, additionally, is often charged - above and beyond - for their requests. Lastly, many times we have heard complaints from former clients of our competition, that the support and service was poor or inadequate.

Q. Where is the system being used?

A. Real°Pac Office is being used today in many large, mid-size and small law firms and title companies that are processing mortgage loan transactions for hundreds of lenders across the county. Thousands of closing transactions are being processed, daily with the Real°Pac Office system.

Q. Why should I choose Real°Pac?

A. Choose Real°Pac because it is a far superior software system than any other system of its kind on the market today. In addition, we will listen to you, provide you with excellence in the implementation and maintenance of your system and most of all because we care about each and every client we work with. Please read our testimonials and decide for yourself.

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