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Real°Pac handles all aspects of your title insurance

  • Easily generate and print title insurance policies, endorsements and commitments for all title insurance companies for all states.
  • Auto-calculates lender/mortgagee, owners, simultaneous coverage
  • Auto-calculate special expanded or extended policy calculations for lenders and/or owners coverage.
  • Performs rewrite calculations for refinance transactions based on a percentage of the previous mortgage.
  • Automatic recall of easements, exceptions and/or subordinate matters - no double or triple entry of text.
  • Automatically composes Schedule A mortgage clause with all of the recording information fill-in.
  • Pre-selects and fills in the endorsements for you.
  • Auto-calculates the endorsement fees for states where fees apply.
  • Store your commission percentage and the system will automatically calculate the amount and fill in the corresponding HUD line disclosure.
  • Generate and print audit reports on-demand with the pre-selected columns and/or only the columns you need.
  • Automatically keeps track of all policies you write by company so that you may view a list on the screen or print a list on demand.
  • Spell-check your exceptions, subordinate matters and legal for accuracy.
  • Automatically numbers your Schedule B based on the company you have selected.
  • Ability to print the state office and agent's copies.
  • Easily produce reports showing the retained agent's amount and or the title company's portion for a user-definable time-frame.

           If you would like the Real°Pac system to generate your company's title insurance policies, endorsements and commitments and add your logo here, please contact us for details.

Call Toll-Free: 877·2·REALPAC

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