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Real°Pac News


08/05/09 - Uni Comp, Inc. and REBA have announced an exciting new partnership to offer significant discounts to current REBA members.
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04/25/09 - Real°Pac 4 now supports storage for your Notary Public Expiration Dates in up to all 50 states.

03/15/09 - UNI COMP announces the roll-out of Doc°Finder 4 and Key°Finder 4.

05/01/08 - UNI COMP announces the roll-out of Pac°Finder 4.

04/10/08 - Real°Pac now supports Microsoft Word 2007.

02/15/08 - UNI COMP announces the roll-out of the Web-based Title°Tracker.

02/01/07 - UNI COMP announces the complete embedding of MS-Word inside its latest release of Real°Pac 4 along all input Phases where large blocks of text are inserted. Contact us for details.

11/01/06 - UNI COMP announces embedded MS-Word inside its latest release of Real°Pac 4 with initial deployment in the title insurance module. Contact us for details.

09/01/06 - New title order submission application now available. Would you like to add a title order submission page to your website so that your lenders, motgage brokers and originators could submit title orders to your firm?

Contact us at 781-449-4700 x222 and ask about Real°Web.

New Release of Real°Pac Office for the real estate closing, mortgage and lending markets announced August 23, 2005.
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Translated Spanish documents for residential real estate closing industry.


07/01/08 - Mass. Mortgage Mortgage Broker clauses added. The FNMA document abstract may be read here.

11/01/06 - Hampden County Registry of Deeds - new excise stamps calculation now in effect.

10/01/06 - Software enhancements and forms for the new Massachusetts Mortgage Discharge Law, as mentioned on the REBA website, are ready now in Real°Pac.

Be sure to update your smoke detector certification with the new Carbon monoxide certification or contact us for this updated document.

Document Formatting Standards for recorded documents. As of January 1, 2007 you will need to make sure the margins for your recorded instruments are at least 1" and the font point size is 10.

Don't forget to update your CATIC Owners premium rates to as of January 1, 2006 or contact us for updated calculations.

Updated reports have been added to Real°Books to meet IOLTA specifications.

Call Toll-Free: 877·2·REALPAC

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