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The Heart of the System - Package°Editor™


Real°Pac was designed with ease of use in mind, from the ground up. Workflow automation is divided into three phases: A - Pre-closing, B - Closing and C - Post-closing, representing the lifecycle of the real estate transaction process. Quickly and easily enter information into the Package°Editor wizard as it becomes available. No need to wait until you have all of your real estate closing information.

As you enter information and answer questions about the transactions, the system is quietly filling in the HUD Settlement Statement spreadsheet in the RESPAC® module. Easily switch to review/enter the spreadsheet at any point in time. Files are updated automatically - you do not need to remember where files are stored, or press the "Save" button. Access and retrieve your files visually and/or by your file number or last name name. Clone or copy all or partially a file for easy double mortgage (piggy-back), refinance and/or second mortgage transactions. Smart data screens only show you the screens that are pertinent to the transactions. The information you enter in these screens is, at print time "fired" into your documents. You need to only input this information, once.

Partial list of Real°Pac documents

Printing Real°Pac documents, like the entering of information, is also divided into three phases that correspond to the entry of data. All you need to do is choose either Phase A, Pre-closing; Phase B, Closing and Phase C, Post-closing and Title Policy.

Transitioning from the way you do closings now to the Real°Pac system is easy, since it is logically designed and easy to follow. Without much in the way of computer experience, attorneys, paralegals, secretaries alike have commented on how user-friendly the Real°Pac really is!

If you change the mortgage amount or purchase price, then all related fields will be updated automatically for you!

No duplicate entry needed! Enter the data once and use this information for your documents, reports, checks, 1099s, and more!

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