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Account Reconciliation and Management with Real°Books™


Automatically post checks and receipts from the Real°Check module directly into Real°Books whenever you need to - on a weekly, monthly or daily basis. View your bank accounts register information, instantaneously. Ability to query and/or run standard and ad hoc reports. Easy to reconcile your bank accounts each month. Three-way reconciliation gives you the ability to balance each file, as well as your checking account balance and your check book register. No need to double enter your receipts and disbursements into your bookkeeping system - Real°Books eliminates this time-consuming and tedious task.

Real°Books module allows you to batch post disbursements (checks), adjustments and receipts automatically from your real estate conveyancing transactions created with Real°Pac, into one or more IOLTA bank account registers (up to 100 accounts are supported). The software may be configured to automatically post this activity to a pre-designated account, either in all cases, or, depending on the particular lender or bank (your client) involved for each closing file. In addition, this module may be used to post and manage non-real estate checking accounts. With Real°Books, you do not need to purchase, configure and maintain a separate accounting software package!

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