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Take the Tedium Out of 1099-S Filing with Real°Filer™


Real°Filer gives you the ability to easily flag files as IRS reportable, in order to run reports at the end of the year or any time during the year to find out the files you will need to include in your annual 1099-S filing. There is no need to double enter any information. Simply answer questions and have the system perform all of the calculations automatically for you. This eliminates the need to maintain and or use third party services and/or software for this task. Allows you to project or run "rehersal" runs for review and verification.

Gives you the ability to electronically file your reports, if you meet certain volume requirements. If you have more than one office location, the system gives you the ability to set up one project for reporting purposes. Built-in support to easily revise I.R.S. reporting rules, if any requirements change. Batch print your 1099-S forms easily and quickly and/or print these forms at the time of the closings.

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