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Document, Data and Discharge Tracking with Real°Trac™


Real°Trac is a robust, full-featured event tracking system, which helps you manage your workflow and integrates to Real°Pac, seamlessly. Records may be automatically generated by printing or transmitting certain letters or documents, as well as through manual (operator) input. This software picks up where most leave off. When used in conjunction with Real°Pac documents in any "phase" or stage of the closings' workflow tasks may be flagged and tracked. With user identified tasks (items you want to manage), you may setup the system to work the way you do. Up to one hundred categories may be ticklered and audited regularly, so as to satisfy your requirements. Now, not only mortgage payoff discharges and releases, but anywhere from 2 to 99 additional tasks may be managed. The following predefined tasks are just a sample of what you may want to track:

  • Discharges/Releases
  • Commitment dates
  • Plot plans/Surveys/Tapes
  • Title orders
  • Payoffs
  • Notification of closings
  • Recorded documents
  • Title insurance
  • Holdbacks

Each logical task, has a corresponding workflow-based dialog or "view" where you may review and post pertinent date and other information, as it becomes available to you. The status of each task is color (chroma) coded, so that you can easily see, at a glance, the status of your items.

You can use Real°Trac's friendly dialogs and windows to manage both entries created for you when you print documents, or any "ad-hoc" entries you may create. Reports, by the current week, or on-demand or "filter" may be easily printed with just a few clicks or keystrokes.

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