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On-line Orders with Real°Web


A complete on-line order module for your lenders, mortgage brokers and originators to order titles and closings via the internet. Utilizing secure and proven technology to register, place new orders and access your list of previously submitted orders, managing your transactions is time-saving and efficient. This fast, powerful on-line implemen- tation will create an automatic e-mail to the closing attorney or title company, as well as sending a copy to you.

The Real°Pac Enterprise Edition, builds on this technology, and this becomes only the beginning of an automated document and data delivery system.

Let us help you create and customize your own title order page. It's fast, economical and best of all you can use it as a marketing tool to secure more business.

Access our hands-on demonstration website and experience the Real°Pac on-line order technology. :: click here

Please note that this technology may be either added to your current website, or if your firm does not have a website, be hosted for you by UNI COMP and implemented directly, as its own site on the web. All data entry fields, as well as the background color and themes, are customizable.

Check out our web services division, Web Stripes, if you would like us to create a website that reflects your firm's unique needs.

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